Canerfc 2013

CFC ST: I have edited and designed many websites. One of them is that Canerfc has been supporting in WEBME's forums since 2007. Now I aim to present all support teams of Webme in a website. So I am creating a page for every version of Webme. Here you can learn basic infos about support teams, admins and mods who are working in Webme.
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Before: Please, be sure whether you added one of the Canerfc's banners in your website or not.

Now: Please, send us the following informations with the message;

- Your website address,
- Your website purpose(s),
- Your website's banner code (Image sizes should be 468x50 pixel.),
- Your name and mail address,

After:  After reading your message we will visit your website. And then we will decide whether we will add your website in the 'Link List' page or NOT !

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