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CFC ST: I have edited and designed many websites. One of them is that Canerfc has been supporting in WEBME's forums since 2007. Now I aim to present all support teams of Webme in a website. So I am creating a page for every version of Webme. Here you can learn basic infos about support teams, admins and mods who are working in Webme.
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Find Your Music Player and Add It to Your Page

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 Find Your Music Player and Add It to Your Page (ESNIPS)

By the agency of, you can find many music players.
The embed codes of music players have been shared almost with the all music players.
So you can publish a music player by pasting its embed code! 

 Search your song or key words
 After searching you will see all found files for your song.
 Choose and click one of them.
 Firstly you will see the music player and have a look at all the page.
 Because, there is embed code area under the music player.
 Copy the code!
 Then choose your page which the music player is added! In your page editor, you wil see the HTML editor. After clicking Source button in the HTML editor, paste the embed code. Lastly save the page!

After all steps, everbody who visits your website and you can listen to music;)

Hope this topic helps you! Have Fun!

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