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Musfik Kenter

Müşfik Kenter (9 September 1932 – 15 August 2012) was a Turkish award winning actor, focused mainly on theatre and voice acting.

Kenter had undergone a heart operation in May 2011. Due to the news featured in the local media on 14 August 2012, allegedly, Kenter is taken to intensive care unit at F.N. Hospital with diagnosis of pulmonary infection due to lung cancer, on 7 August 2012, in Çağlayan, Istanbul. On the same day, the assertions were denied by Kardiye Kenter (née Demirel), Kenter's wife that he is having routine checkups.

He died on 15 August 2012 at the age of 79 in Istanbul. In further reports, it has been expressed that the cancer was diagnosed in early June 2012, following the burial of his son Mahmut, his handicapped son from his second marriage with Esin Şerbetçi, passed away in 27 May 2012 due to gasping at the age of 46, during his condition at intense care unit for two months.


1960 Dişi Kurt
1961 Sessiz harp
1964 Dişi Örümcek
1965 Murtaza
1965 Şeytanın Kurbanları
1965 Sevmek Zamanı
1966 Bozuk Düzen Awarded Best Supporting Actor at 3rd Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival
1966 O Kadın
1971 Üç Arkadaş
1982 Seni Kalbime Gömdüm
1987 Hayallerim ve Aşkım
1987 Rumuz Goncagül
1990 Piano Piano Bacaksız Narrator
1991 Lebewohl, Fremde Deniz German production, directed by Tevfik Başer
1994 Moon Time
2000 Dar Alanda Kısa Paslaşmalar,  English title: Offside
2007 Amerikalılar Karadeniz'de 2

Born: Müşfik Kenter, 9 September 1932, Istanbul, Turkey
Died: August 15, 2012 (aged 79)
Cause of death: Lung cancer
Nationality: Turkish
Education: Acting, Alma mater, Ankara State Conservatory
Occupation: Actor, Voice-over Artist
Years active: 1960–2012
Spouse: Oya Kenter (?–1963)
Esin Şerbetçi (1963–?), Gülsüm Kamu, Kadriye Demirel (1976–present)
Children: Elvan (1965), Melissa, Mahmut (1966–2012), Balam
Parents: Ahmet Naci (father), Olga Cynthia (mother)
Relatives: Yıldız Kenter (sister)


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