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CFC ST: I have edited and designed many websites. One of them is that Canerfc has been supporting in WEBME's forums since 2007. Now I aim to present all support teams of Webme in a website. So I am creating a page for every version of Webme. Here you can learn basic infos about support teams, admins and mods who are working in Webme.
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Upload Video and Add It to Your Website

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 Upload Video and Add It to Your Website (YOUTUBE)

This topic is about how to upload your own videos and add to your pages.. 

 Upload web site:  
 Login for uploading : Login
 If you had not registered,
sign up now!
 Now; you re on line on youtube are not you?
 If so click
upload button.
 Then, edit title, description, video category & tags and then click
upload a video button.
 Select a video to upload from your pc.
be patient during uploading..
 After completing upload copy and paste the video
embed code..

Now; it's high time you added your video to your pages.
 Manage pages > Choose your page or click Add new page for video from page editor. After the page decision, paste video embed code to your page after clicking source button in the HTML Editor. Lastly save the page.. 

Note: Your video is invisible in the page editor after clicking save button. In other words, you can't watch your video from the page editor but certainly you can watch your video from your saved page. As you see,
here is my uploaded video in my page!

Hopefully; this topic help you while uploading video. Good Luck! Have A Nice Day

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