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CFC ST: I have edited and designed many websites. One of them is that Canerfc has been supporting in WEBME's forums since 2007. Now I aim to present all support teams of Webme in a website. So I am creating a page for every version of Webme. Here you can learn basic infos about support teams, admins and mods who are working in Webme.
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Create Your Own Design - BUTTERFLY

Hello, It is high time to create your own design! Edit the css code above! Code works in the ''BUTTERFLY'' layout!!

 Step 1: Copy the CSS code which is in the box! Paste it to your word / note pad! And then start to edit.

<body bgcolor="#000000"
style="margin: 0 0 0 0;"
<style type="text/css">            
td.edit_nav_headline{background-image: url(http://NAV-HEADLINE-BG-IMAGE-URL);background-repeat:no-repeat;}            
td.nav_bar_left{background-image: url(http://NAV-BAR-LEFT-BG-IMAGE-URL);background-repeat:no-repeat;} td.nav_bar_right{background-image: url(http://NAV-BAR-RIGHT-BG-IMAGE-URL);background-repeat:no-repeat;}            
td.nav_bar_bottom{background-image: url(http://NAV-BAR-BOTTOM-BG-IMAGE-URL);background-repeat:no-repeat;}            
td.headline3{background-image: url(http://BUTTON-IMAGE-URL2)             );background-repeat:no-repeat;}         td.rb_bar_left{background-image: url(http://RIGHT BOXES-BAR-LEFT-IMAGE-URL);background-repeat:no-repeat;}            
td.rb_bar_right{background-image: url(http://RIGHT BOXES-BAR-RIGHT-IMAGE-URL);background-repeat:no-repeat;}            
td.rb_bar_bottom{background-image: url(http://RIGHT-BOX-BAR-BOTTOM-IMAGE-URL);background-repeat:no-repeat;}            
td.edit_rechts_headline{background-image: url(http://RIGHT-BOX-HEADLINE-IMAGE-URL);background-repeat:no-repeat;}            
td.edit_content_headline3{heigth: 60px;background-image: url(http://CONTENT-HEADLINE3-IMAGE-URL);background-repeat:repeat;}            
td.edit_content_headline{background-image: url(http://CONTENT-HEADLINE-IMAGE-URL);background-repeat:no-repeat;}            
<style type="text/css">             <!--             td.edit_header{background-image: url(http://HEADER-IMAGE-URL);             -->            

 Step 2: You should edit the following areas. (Click over the image, you will see orjinal size of image.)

Click over the image for orjinal size.

 Step 3: After editing the code paste it to the ''Text at top of page'' area in the ''Edit Design'' page.. Lastly click ''Save'' button.( Login > Edit design > Text at top of page > Save !!)

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