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 Add Video to Your Website (YOUTUBE)

This tutorial is about 'how you can add video to my web site.'

 Firstly, visit
 To select your favourite video,
search some 'key words' about your video.
 After searching, you can see the
search results and click one of the videos.
 In video page, there is an embed code which provides that the video works in other websites.
 Please copy the video
embed code.
 After copying video embed code, it is high time to paste it to your web page editor,
Manage pages button, 'choose a page' you will paste the code or click 'add new page' for video. And edit page with new options (if necessary). You should paste the code after clicking source in the HTML Editor. (if you have not HTML editor in your page editor, it is not problem) lastly, save the page..
In the page editor sometimes video embed codes don't come into sight as video. But really, you can see it in your web site after saving. And now on all visitors of your web site can watch video;) 
After all steps,
here is your page preview!

I tried to explain 'how we add video to our web sites'
Hopefully this topic helps you while editing your pages with videos..
Good Luck