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Canerfc is Can Er's fan page! We will give more info about Can in the following days!

Canerfc, that is fan page of Can, was created for supporting and helping OFW Community at the same time! We have been here since 12.26.2007. We have been helping OFW Community since 2007.

Canerfc's web editor: Ibrahim Karataş, from Bartin, Turkey.

I have created many websites here! Here is my favorites:

Projects: Register 07.24.2007 09.??.2007 12.26.2007 06.30.2008 07.04.2012 07.09.2012 07.14.2012

Ozlemtekin and Ikiyol were created by me in which is's Turkish version! I was mod in forum in the first periods of is my first web page in After timetorock had been opened, I opened many websites. One of them, and no doubt the page of my life is

I was mod on's forum as timetorock. I have not edited to for a long time. I have been mod as Canerfc on's forum and I have been working on Canerfc's pages since 2008.

Today, I am moderator on's forum as Canerfc. Moreover, I am moderator on's forum ('s Italian version) as Canerfc-it.

Please follow us, we are going to add specific info here, too!



All Projects:
Canerfc as support on

Canerfc-it (Italian version of Canerfc) as support on

Rucaner (Russian version of Canerfc) as voluntary on

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