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Add Yahoo Video to Your Website

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 Add Video to Your Website (YAHOO)

Hi, I think, You can find your favourite videos in the Yahoo Video. The embed codes of videos have been shared with the videos. So you can share your favourite videos with the world by pasting their embed codes to the your page editor!

1. Step :
 Visit Yahoo Video
 Search your video!

2. Step : 
 Then you will see 
search results for your key words.
 Click one of them and see the video.

3.Step :
 After clicking one of the results, you will see the video and the other details!
 Copy the
embed code for adding it to your page.

4. Step : 
  Paste the embed code to the your page editor after clicking
button in the HTML editor. 

After all steps, everbody who visits your website and you can watch video;)
Hope this topic helps you! Have Fun