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 Create A Registration Form (CONTACT FORM EXTRA)

Hi, I have observed many questions about registration for a long time;)
Is Registration form possible in the OFW or not? Possible! Please read carefully this topic.. 

 Note: We will edit the Contact form extra with the aim of creating registration form.
 If you have contact form extra, now, edit it! If you have not, now activate it! 
 Edit the
Form Title : (E.g: Register or Register Form or whatever you want!)
 Edit the
Text before the contact form area,
some options,
 Click the
Show extended properties button and so see the other properties
 Edit the boxes anyway you like!
 Show (1. 2. 3. 4. 5.) extra box: choose Show input box
 Edit the titles of the boxes!
 After editing the properties lastly click on
Save button!
 After clicking save button, you will see ''
Your extras "Contact form" have been activated!'' message! Click the link, see your form.
 Here is Preview of Registration Form, and Example Test 
 When someone send you the required informations for registration, you will see the message in your
messages inbox!
 Here is the message and test results.
 After reading the messages, you can add the users!
(Hidden pages > Manage users

Hope, the topic helps you! Have Fun