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Create Your Own Design - RED

Hello! It is high time to create your own design! Edit the css code above! Code works in the ''RED'' layout!!

 Step 1: Copy the CSS code which is in the box! Paste it to your word / note pad! And then start to edit.

 Step 2: You should edit the following areas.

(Edited Areas) 1: Background of Website 2: Button Image 3: Mouseover Button Image 4: Page Content Header Image 5: Title Of Right Boxes Area Image 6: Page Content Background Image 7: Right Boxes Content Background Image 8: Bottom Of The Boxes Image 9: Header Image 10: Navigasyon Header Image

Example: If you add 'CONTENT-BACKGROUND-IMAGE-URL', it works as page content background. Please look at the image again, Number 6 is the place code is going to work!

 Step 3
: After editing the code paste it to the ''Text at top of page'' area in the ''Edit Design'' page.. Lastly click ''Save'' button.( Login > Edit design > Text at top of page > Save !!)