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 Edit Design
Choose a layout or change your layout! * Base Design
Edit certain design options such as text color, fun size etc. * Design Options
Edit right boxes of your layout
Edit text at top and bottom of page of your layout 
Edit the left box under the menu / navigation 
Choose a header image for your layout 
What you can add to the boxes!
How to link a text or an image in the boxes! 
To which box you should paste design codes! 
Header Sizes!
 Manage Pages
How to add a new page and edit an added page.
How to edit a page : What you can do in the Page Editor. 
Details of Show Options button: Create bold / italic / underlined / colourful titles, menuentry without a link, external links in the  navigation, activate 'Hidden pages' extra's options and etc. 
Basic functions of HTML EDITOR: What you can do with the HTML EDITOR. 
How to insert uploaded pictures or add a new one in the page editor. 
How to add a link by using HTML EDITOR. 
How to enter an image url and edit it by using HTML EDITOR.
How to insert and edit a table by using HTML EDITOR.
 Manage Images
What you can do in the 'Your pictures' section
How to upload a new image
The possible reasons why you can NOT upload an image  
The possible reasons why your headers repeat or your gifs do NOT work,  
How many pictures you can upload at once 
How you can learn free space remaining for pictures    
 Manage Extras
How to edit and deactivate an extra?
How to add an extra?
 Personal Preferences
All possible questions about Personal Preferences here!