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Upload Music and Add It to Your Website (IMEEM)

Hi everbody , would you want to upload your own songs in your personal computer;) Now i will explain some details about uploading songs and adding them your web pages..

 Uploading web site is
Creating account is necessary for uploading! Register now!
 After signing up, edit the other information, and check your e-mail to verify account..
 If you are still on-line in imeem,  (If you re not on line, please
login again..) please click upload 
 After clicking upload, 
upload music and then upload.
 Click the
browse button to select music from your computer to upload  After selecting music, click start upload.
After clicking to start upload,  you can see
uploading process.. Please wait until music wil be uploaded..
 After uploading you can
edit your music info..
 but lastly, you must click
finish upload button to complete your upload.. 
 And then what a nice news to you as you see,
uploading music completed, and for uploading link imeem will send you a mail within the next 15 minutes.. 
 Please check your
e-mail after 15 minutes, and click one of the links
 If you are still on-line in imeem, you can see uploading details of your music. (If you are off-line, pls login again.)
 As you see, there is an
embed code of your music..
 Please copy & paste it.. I advice you can note embed code to a file in your personal computer..

As you see, we can upload a music with these ways. Before adding it to our pages, let's check to some basic details of imeem:
Login link!  Login page preview!
 After logining, you can see your  
personal page,
 media tracker is your uploaded songs page,
 upload is for again upload..
 If you click a uploaded song in media tracker, you can reach uploading details of music..
embed code please.

 Now it is high time to add your music to your web site

There 're two ways:
 1: you can paste the embed code the one of the boxes in design. edit design > select design options or exdended settings, and paste the embed code which box you want.. lastly save the design..
 2: you can paste the embed code the one of the your page.. manage pages, select your page in page editor or add new page for music.. in your page, after clicking
source in the HTML editor, paste the embed code to the page and lastly save the page. After saving your page, you can see your song's player in your web site.. but for player's viewing pls be patient;)

Really imeem is a perfect web site for uploading.. and we can do a lot of things in imeem.. for example as i know, we can make playlist or mp3 players for our songs, and edit them easily.. also, by clicking search button, we can find a lot of songs' mp3 player embed code.. I advice you should check imeem in your free times. I think, this web site helps you during uploading process.. Lastly, I tried to explain some details of uploading music and adding it your web pages. Hopefully, this topic helps you..

Good Luck!