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I believe images provide a big support to your content and your website. 
I can not dream a website without images. Images are as important as the texts in your web.
Your visitors may be interested in your images. Shortly, images improve a website as visual.
No doubt, Image editor is one of the most clicked buttons. For adding a new design, banner, button, logo and visiual proof for your text, you have to visit your image editor. There are two image editor in your-own-free-website. You can see them by clicking Manage Images button and Insert Image button in the Page editor. I have written a tutorial about Insert Image button in the page related with Manage Pages. Now, I will share my information about Manage Images here. Please read carefully.
You are seeing two sections when you click Manage Images button.
These sections are YOUR PICTURES and ADD NEW PICTURE.
In your pictures section, you see the uploaded pictures and picture categories. Here you can just delete or move your picture. In add new picture section, you can add a new picture to your web. Before uploading you can choose your category or create a new category. By the agency of downsize the pictures option, you can upload the image with its orjinal sizes and format. It means, you can add .gif files, big images, headers, logos by deactivating this option. I advice you should deactivate this option for your all uploading works.
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